About us

India Em was founded by mother and daughter team Nicki and Meg.  As mums, I think we can all agree that once you have a baby your values completely change and after Meg had her baby, India, the need for something other than the mass-consumerist children’s market started to creep in.

On reflection, our childhoods were quite different to that of today and were filled with outdoor play and buying anything in mass was unheard of. Things were much slower then and purchases were thought about carefully. Because of this, we were proud of what we owned and looked after them carefully. We took responsibility for our belongings and it wasn’t unusual to mend, polish and upcycle our clothes, only to be passed down to siblings or shared with friends. We share fond memories of grandma darning our socks or knitting warm jumpers in the winter and it wasn’t until India was born, that we realised what a different world she’d been born into.

Nicki has a strong background in fine art and textiles and Meg a background in slow-fashion advocacy, ethical styling and writing. While searching for vegan children’s products, we noticed that sustainability was often left on the back burner and we found it increasingly difficult to purchase something that made a positive impact. This was the moment we realised we wanted to do something meaningful in the slow-fashion space.

Our aim is to slowly become a hub for sustainable, ethical and vegan children’s wear and the hope is that our small, curated collections will be passed down to siblings, children’s children, or shared with friends.

At India Em, we value a circular fashion system and we realise that the current linear fashion system is a broken one. We feel that existing fashion should be seen as a valuable resource. Our philosophy is to keep fashion in circulation through swapping, sharing, mending or on-selling.

As our beautiful vegan collection of Small Lot shoes are new, we’ve come up with a way of keeping things circular. So, if you send a pair back, we’ll make sure a child in need gets them. Or if you snap a picture of a pair being passed on with the #keepitcircular we will automatically offer you 15% off your next pair.


 Meg & Nicki x 



All illustrations by the very talented @carissatanton