Sustainability & Ethics


Here at India Em, ethics and sustainability are at the centre of everything we do. We approach everything with our uncompromising company values to deliver quality, vegan products, which are not only safe for little ones but have also been manufactured and produced as ethically and sustainably as possible. We will only work with brands that share our values.

Our first collection of shoes by Small Lot Co. does just that and you can rest assured in the knowledge that all materials used are eco-friendly and have been well and truly tested by our children before bringing them to you. Yes, that means they've been pretty much everywhere, hand-washed and line dried a few times and they passed with flying colours. 

The Oxford and Mary Jane Shoes are made in an SGS certified factory which follows practices that ensure they're manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and are compliant with BSCI group. This ensures and covers fair working hours and compensation; occupational health and safety; child labour and protection for younger workers; forced/bonded labour and precarious employment; freedom of association and collective bargaining; ethical business behaviour; discrimination and environmental protection.

The baby shoes are produced in the Small Lot studio in Vancouver. They are made by a small group of 3 women (1 being a pompom maker) and are made of the highest quality vegan suede.

We value a circular fashion system and realise that the current linear fashion system is a broken one. We feel that existing fashion should be seen as a valuable resource. Our philosophy is to keep fashion in circulation through swapping, sharing, mending or on-selling.

As our beautiful vegan collection of Small Lot shoes are new, we’ve come up with a way of keeping things circular. So, if you send a pair back, we’ll make sure a child in need gets them. Or if you snap a picture of a pair being passed on with the #keepitcircular we will automatically offer you 15% off your next pair.

As this is such an important topic for us, if you have any questions at all we'd love to hear from you: